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Our customers – railroads, pipeline operators, trucking companies and facilities owners/operators in power generation, petroleum and chemical industry– rely on the H2O Hazmat Team to respond quickly and expertly to emergency situations related to the transport and storage of hazardous materials, and to handle the industrial cleaning and hazardous material disposition for their fixed facilities.

H2O Environmental, Inc., is a full-service emergency spill response, waste remediation, transport, industrial cleaning and disposal organization. With a commitment to continuous education and training in the key disciplines of hazardous materials management and response, our company has built expertise in dealing with the entire range of operational and emergency situations for our customers.

H2O Environmental was founded by John Bradley in 1996. A veteran of the U. S. Marine Corps, John initially saw a growing need for a statewide environmental services company providing a full range of services for the state of Nevada. The company quickly expanded to two operational bases – Las Vegas and Reno – in our first few years of operation. After over a decade of developing and refining our operational practices to provide a complete range of services to our customers, we began opening new operational bases in 2007 with the strategy to cover the geographic area in the heart of the Western United States that now comprises our service territory.

Our philosophy is to bring the best possible expertise, supported by a superior equipment set, to each situation. Our mission is to be the best performer for our customers in the markets we serve. We will deliver the best value – the lowest total cost in time, energy, money and lost opportunity – for our customers.

We speak authentically when we give you our promise of what we see we can do in a particular situation. We use company owned equipment that’s under our control and maintained to our rigorous standards. We continuously develop and train our staff to have them be the strongest team in the industry in knowledge and expertise.