Our customers – railroads, pipeline operators, trucking companies and facilities owners/operators in power generation, petroleum and chemical industry– rely on the H2O Hazmat Team to:

Respond quickly and expertly to emergency situations related to the transport and storage of hazardous materials, and to
Handle the industrial cleaning and hazardous material disposition for fixed facilities.
Appropriately handle more sensitive biohazard items such as suicide clean up, homicide clean up, and general Bio clean up.
Assist law enforcement with Drug Lab clean up, Meth Lab cleanup, and crime scene clean up.

H2O Environmental, Inc., is a full-service emergency spill response, waste remediation, transport, industrial cleaning and disposal organization. With a commitment to continuous education and training in the key disciplines of hazardous materials management and response, our company has built expertise in dealing with the entire range of operational and emergency situations for our customers.

Beginning in 1996 with a single location in Las Vegas, Nevada, H2O Environmental now has five operational bases in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Boise and Reno.

We own, operate and maintain a large fleet of specialized equipment including air movers, vacuum tankers, vacuum trucks, environmental roll-off bins, end dump/side dumps, evacuation equipment, confined-space entry gear, OSRO equipment, traffic control and drum handling equipment.

Our expertise enables us to analyze a situation, specify the action plans required and execute to achieve prompt, environmentally sound results. We interact effectively with regulatory agencies to facilitate acceptance of optimal and appropriate solutions. We adhere to the highest health and safety standards for the welfare of all concerned. It is our sworn commitment to protect the environment while taking care of the business concerns of our customers.


Railroad response to incidents involving tank cars and intermodal.
U.S. Coast Guard Oil Spill Response Organization rated for petroleum spills on swift water rivers and lakes.
Petroleum fuels and hazardous material chemical releases.
Bulk releases or tanker roll-overs involving toxics, flammables and corrosives.
Shifted loads, leaking drums, ruptured diesel fuel tanks and major truck crashes from highway carriers.
Crime scene clean up, homicide clean up, suicide clean up, illegal drug lab clean up, meth lab clean up and infectious/biological substance removal such as blood clean up.
Mercury decontamination of residential and commercial sites. Specific Expertise (Advanced Specialists)
Compliant waste shipping and manifesting
Respond within 1 hour or less to emergency situations, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year
Specialized knowledge in Railroad response.
Inland OSRO that can stop the downward migration of oil in rivers with current.
Training (OSHA Compliance, Environmental Compliance)
Industrial Hydroblasting and cleaning
Inerting and packaging of reactives

H2O Environmental, Inc., holds
- Initial contact person, telephone and fax numbers
- Location of spill
- Source of spill
- Company (address, tel. number etc)
- Time of spill
- What spilled
- Quantity spilled
- What is impacted (water/soil/storm drains/roadway/etc.)