Our philosophy is to bring the best possible expertise, supported by a superior equipment set, to each situation within our coverage area where our customers need our help. Our mission is to be the best performer for our customers in the markets we serve. We will deliver the best value – the lowest total cost in time, energy, money and lost opportunityfor our customers.

Our philosophy underlies and drives the strategies and tactics of our business. We answer our phones 24/7 with a trained member of our staff who can gather the required information for us to handle your concerns and situation – no answering service.  We dispatch a crew within not more than one hour from a call. We will tell you when we can be onsite and will not tell you we will be there in 2 hours if it’s going to take us 3 hours.  We are very transparent in what position we are in when we take your call.  We provide the same service to every client as what’s required to satisfy the most demanding clients.

We hold and work to a philosophy of commitment-based management. We speak authentically when we give you our promise of what we see we can do in a particular situation.  We will even recommend competitors that may be able to respond sooner if we’re not positioned to provide satisfactory service.  We use company owned equipment that’s under our control and maintained to our rigorous standards, using sub-contractors only rarely.  We continuously develop and train our staff to have them be the strongest team in the industry in knowledge and expertise.

We have our team and equipment deployed in a network of operational bases to enable us to respond quickly within our service area.

We know that what our customers must care about is outcomes. Our staff, equipment and practices are continuously evaluated and refined to improve the outcomes we produce. In addition, as an independent company that’s management owned, H2O brings a superior level of commitment and attention to details. Our customers rely on us to do the basics and more. We not only have all of the basics, our strategy is to always have a margin of safety in our organization and capital equipment to be sure we don’t produce unnecessary costs or risks for our customers.

Our management team has a breadth of accomplishments and expertise in the specifics of hazardous materials cleanup and management as well as in running and growing the private companies. Our mission is to always be the best performer for our customers in our markets.
At H2O Environmental we will continuously work to earn and deserve your trust and confidence.
Contact us today to discuss your situation and your concerns. We are straightforward in our communication.  We will only commit to a customer relationship where the match between the customer’s requirements and our mission and capabilities are fully aligned. 

- Initial contact person, telephone and fax numbers
- Location of spill
- Source of spill
- Company (address, tel. number etc)
- Time of spill
- What spilled
- Quantity spilled
- What is impacted (water/soil/storm drains/roadway/etc.)